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Faculty and Staff from State Colleges and Universities

Are you a faculty member, academic professional, or staff member at a Minnesota state college or university campus or the Office of the Chancellor and transitioning into new employment?

Use these web-based resources as you look for a new job or change careers.

Not sure where to get started? Use this Job Seekers Guide (707KB, .pdf) to help manage your career transitions.

Get Immediate Help

File for unemployment benefits, or find child care, transportation, health care coverage, support services, and other resources to help you deal with a job loss.

Find Jobs

Transition your professional experience and training to a new employer. Use these customized lists of businesses and agencies to find potential employment opportunities related to higher education. Learn about job search strategies to best market yourself.

Upgrade Skills

Brush up your skills with a class, certificate, short-term program, or by completing a degree. Learn about short-term programs that can be customized for a group of people transitioning from a campus or the Office of the Chancellor. Also learn about financial aid options.

Change Careers

Not sure of all the types of jobs you are qualified to do? Follow these tips to switch to a new occupation or industry. Assess your skills to help determine your potential career direction.