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Manufacturing workers work with products and equipment. You might design a new product, decide how the product will be made, or make the product. You might work on cars, computers, appliances, airplanes, or electronic devices.

The careers below are sorted by education level. Click on the section title to see the careers in it. Click on the name of the career to learn more.

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  1. Less than high school

  2. High school diploma or equivalent

    Adhesive Bonding Machine Operators

    Automotive Body Repairers

    Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers

    Bicycle Repairers


    Chemical Equipment Operators

    Chemical Plant and System Operators

    Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Operators

    Coil Winders, Tapers, and Finishers

    Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine Tool Programmers

    Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators

    Control and Valve Installers and Repairers

    Cooling and Freezing Equipment Operators

    Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing Machine Operators

    Cutting and Slicing Machine Operators

    Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Operators

    Drilling and Boring Machine Operators

    Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers

    Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

    Electromechanical Equipment Assemblers

    Elevator Installers and Repairers

    Engine and Other Machine Assemblers

    Etchers and Engravers

    Extruding and Drawing Machine Operators

    Extruding, Forming, Pressing, and Compacting Machine Operators

    Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers

    Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators

    Forging Machine Operators

    Foundry Mold and Coremakers

    Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operators

    Furniture Finishers

    Gas Plant Operators

    Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Buffing Machine Operators

    Hazardous Materials Removal Workers

    Heat Treating Equipment Operators

    Home Appliance Repairers

    Industrial Machinery Mechanics

    Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers

    Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

    Lathe and Turning Machine Operators

    Locksmiths and Safe Repairers

    Machinery Maintenance Workers


    Mechanical Door Repairers

    Medical Appliance Technicians

    Metal Pourers and Casters

    Metal and Plastic Layout Workers

    Metal and Plastic Model Makers

    Metal and Plastic Patternmakers

    Metal-Refining Furnace Operators

    Milling and Planing Machine Operators


    Mixing and Blending Machine Operators

    Molders, Shapers, and Casters

    Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Operators

    Multiple Machine Tool Operators

    Packaging and Filling Machine Operators

    Painting and Decorating Workers

    Paper Goods Machine Operators

    Petroleum Pump System and Refinery Operators

    Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machine Operators

    Plating and Coating Machine Operators

    Rail Car Repairers

    Rolling Machine Operators

    Separating, Filtering, Clarifying, Precipitating, and Still Machine Operators

    Sheet Metal Workers

    Shoe Machine Operators

    Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers

    Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators

    Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters

    Supervisors of Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers

    Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers

    Synthetic and Glass Fiber Extruding and Forming Machine Operators

    Team Assemblers

    Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers

    Textile Bleaching and Dyeing Machine Operators

    Textile Cutting Machine Operators

    Textile Knitting and Weaving Machine Operators

    Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Operators

    Timing Device Assemblers and Adjusters

    Tire Builders

    Tire Repairers and Changers

    Tool Grinders, Filers, and Sharpeners

    Tool and Die Makers

    Transportation Equipment Painters


    Vending and Amusement Machine Repairers

    Watch Repairers

    Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers

    Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Operators

    Wood Model Makers

    Wood Patternmakers

    Wood Sawing Machine Operators

    Woodworking Machine Operators

  3. College certificate

  4. Associate's degree

  5. Bachelor's degree