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Occupations in Demand

What manufacturing jobs are in demand in my region?

Are you exploring manufacturing jobs close to home? Learn more about job availability and wages for manufacturing careers in your region. The following manufacturing careers are currently in demand in various regions across the state. The regions represented are the 13 economic development regions in Minnesota as defined by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

Short-term demand is defined as the combination of recently reported vacancies and relatively low unemployment levels.

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Region Click to sort the table by this column There are 13 Economic Development Regions in Minnesota.
Occupation Title Sort descending Wage Click to sort the table by this column Median wage means the point at which half of all workers in the occupation earn less and half earn more. New employees are usually in the "earn less" half.
Click to sort the table by this column Current demand indicator shows how occupations compare in terms of possible openings in order from high to low.
Education Required 
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7 County Twin Cities Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
East Central Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Headwaters Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Upper Minnesota Valley Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Arrowhead Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Northwest Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Southwest Central Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
North Central Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
Southwest Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
West Central Accountants and Auditors
Bachelor's degree
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