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Hidden Job Market in Manufacturing

Did you know that most job openings are not advertised?

It's true. Most employers find workers without advertising. Plus, they often prefer to hire someone they know or someone who is referred by someone they already know and trust.

This network of connections and referrals is the hidden job market. You can tap into it by connecting with potential employers. Situations change often. An employer who is not hiring today may be looking for someone like you tomorrow.

How Do You Find the Hidden Job Market in Manufacturing in Minnesota?

Manufacturing professional associations can be a great way to meet contacts that may lead to jobs. These are groups of people all in the same occupation or sometimes in the same industry. Take a look at websites of some of these groups, and consider attending their in-person meetings. Through a professional association, you can learn more about the profession or industry, participate in discussions, and get to know other people. The association websites often feature a list of job openings within specific industries or occupation groups. Some organizations require people to pay dues to join the organization before they can attend meetings or read parts of the website.

A comprehensive list of professional associations (262KB, .pdf) is also available.

Use this tool to identify manufacturers in your area. Search for a company that you may want to work for and contact them, even if they do not have any job openings right now. They may have an opening that's right for you in the future. When they do, you may have a leg up toward getting that position.

More Information on the Hidden Job Market

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