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Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing Facility

Companies can reduce their environmental impact by making green products, using green processes to make things, or both.

What Is Green Manufacturing?

All manufacturers make products. Green manufacturers try to make products that have a lower environmental impact than other products. Examples include carpets made from recycled plastic bottles, cars that use electric power instead of gasoline, and light bulbs that consume less electricity.

Other examples of green products would be wind turbine parts or energy-efficient window parts. Wind turbines produce electricity from wind, a renewable source of energy. And energy-efficient window parts help homes use less energy for heating and cooling.

Another way manufacturers can be green is to change the manufacturing process itself. A company might continue to make products they have always made, but change how they do it to lessen the environmental impact. Some companies strive to use less water or electricity during manufacturing. Selecting materials and supplies from renewable sources also can have an impact. One example would be to choose disposable cups made from recycled paper rather than plastic.

Whether the focus is on green products or green processes, a green approach — also known as sustainable manufacturing — is important and valuable. The more you know about green processes and products, the better position you are in to contribute to green manufacturers.

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