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IT Training Providers & Career Schools

For some people, a little extra training can go a long way.

Maybe you already have a career, but have noticed that your company always needs to bring in outside technical help. Or maybe you keep getting technical assignments, but aren't getting the pay or opportunity to advance because you don't have the "right" credentials.

IT training providers and career schools that prepare you for industry-recognized certifications might put you on the path to higher levels of success. But before investing time and money in a certification, you need to understand the limitations of this type of training.

Both of the examples above assume you already have solid IT skills. You also have the advantage of being employed by a company that needs the skills you want to develop with a certification. In cases like these, a certification will enhance your career by filling in missing pieces to your overall competencies.

A technical certification, however, is not enough for workers trying to get their first IT job. If you are currently out of work and interested in switching to an IT career, carefully consider all of the experience and education requirements for IT before you spend your training funds and time on one specific certification.

Dislocated IT Workers

For years, IT seemed to be a safe, almost recession-proof profession. But times have changed as dramatically as the technology. If you're finding it hard to replace your last job, your skills might be out of date. Training may be the answer. Make sure to also evaluate your job seeking skills. They should be up to industry standards and able to withstand competition from other workers.