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Student Testimonials

What is it really like to get an IT education?

Before you invest in your education, you should be sure of your choice. A postsecondary training program in IT is no different. A former or current student can tell you what they liked about the program they chose, how well it prepared them for a career, and tips for successfully completing the program.

Nancy Lee, Computer Information Systems Graduate

Nancy Lee is a 2008 honors graduate of the computer information systems bachelor's program at Metropolitan State University. Pursuing an IT career was not an easy or quick process for Nancy. Perhaps this is why one of her favorite quotes is from Calvin Coolidge: "Patience and determination alone are omnipotent."

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Joy Das, CCNA Student

No matter what your political leaning, having the chance to work on the technology to support the 2008 Republican National Convention as an IT student would be a life-altering experience. Joy Das, a student in Inver Hills Community College's CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program, knows that first hand.

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