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IT Skills

It takes more than great technical skills to succeed in IT. Build your success one skill-block at a time.

How can technically brilliant people hit a dead end in their career? Sometimes it's because they lack foundational skills we all need to function in the work place. To understand the full range of skills IT workers need, the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) worked with the federal government to build a skills model. The model, called the IT competency model, helps both businesses and workers better understand what makes a competent IT worker.

What Is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a collection of skills, knowledge, abilities, and other personal characteristics. Together, they enable successful performance in a particular job. Competency models are the foundation for important human resource functions. This includes recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management. They specify what is essential to select for or to train and develop.

Why Is a Competency Model Important to Me?

Competency models are developed by industry leaders. They outline the expectations businesses have for their workers. As a job seeker or career changer, you should review competency models as you explore different industries. This will help you to understand the expectations to work in that particular industry.

Take a look at the IT Competency Model.