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Certificates, Diplomas, & Degrees

Which one of the many IT education options is best for you?

There are three primary things to consider when choosing an IT education path: time, cost, and opportunities to build on your degree after graduation.


Before choosing a program, you need to decide how you will support yourself and how you feel about the short-term sacrifices needed to be a successful IT student. If time is on your side, a four-year bachelor's degree will give you the most options and opportunities when you graduate. But if time is short, certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees offer a shorter pathway to entry-level employment.


Depending on the school you choose, shorter degrees cost less. As your career develops, you may need to complete a bachelor's degree to move ahead in your career. See how more education earns you more money (3MB, .pdf).

Stackable Credential

If you want a long-term career in IT and to advance into leadership and management roles, make sure that the credential you earn is "stackable." This is very important if you can only complete a one- or two-year degree for now. A stackable credential will count towards earning a higher degree at a later date. Not all certificates, diplomas, and degrees are stackable. Before you enroll, make sure the credential you are earning will stack by checking the admissions requirements of the school that offers the degree you want.

Find IT Training Programs

Below is a list of IT programs. You will find a variety of options to meet your needs.