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Self-employment in IT

With the ability to work remotely and connect people around the globe, IT professionals can take advantage of self-employment.

While IT professionals are an integral part of each industry, they also can be found on a smaller level as self-employed as consultants. About 2,380 IT professionals (excluding management and health care IT workers) are self-employed in Minnesota. These IT workers make up about three percent of all self-employed people in the state.

These workers do a variety of things. They also have the flexibility to create their own schedules, priorities, and specialized skills. By networking and building a set of employers, they can work in the fast-paced IT environment from virtually anywhere and connect with clients across town or across the country. High speed networks, laptop computers, and cell phones make this possible.

Is self-employment for you? Take the self-employment quiz to see if you have the qualities needed to be successful.