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Chief Executives

  IT Mini Career Profile

IT chief executives provide leadership and guidance for the use and management of electronic information.

IT chief executives may have IT-related specialties and work with other executives to plan, coordinate, and lead the activities of an organization.

Median Hourly Salary: $79.20
Education & Training: Bachelor's degree is common.
  • Direct or coordinate an organization's financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, or increase efficiency.
  • Confer with board members, organization officials, or staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities, or resolve problems.
  • Analyze operations to evaluate performance of a company or its staff in meeting objectives or to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change.
  • Direct, plan, or implement policies, objectives, or activities of organizations or businesses to ensure continuing operations, to maximize returns on investments, or to increase productivity.
  • Prepare budgets for approval, including those for funding or implementation of programs.
Skills & Knowledge Needed:
  • Administration and Management
  • Making Decisions
  • Managing Money
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Managing People
Tools & Technology:
  • Tools: Desktop calculator,  Desktop computers,  High capacity removable media drives 
  • Technology: Enterprise resource planning ERP software,  Data base user interface and query software,  Human resources software 
Certification: View certifications

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