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Short-Term Green Training

green student in training

Not everyone can commit to long-term training. Find options that are one year or less.

Short-term training includes anything from seminars, workshops, continuing education, personal enrichment courses, non-credit courses, and college diploma and certificate programs. For programs and courses, short-term training is defined as lasting one year or less.

Are there short-term options for green training? Definitely. There are a variety of options to choose from. Use the resources below to get started.

  • Search for green programs. Use the options on the left of that page to filter your search for short-term options. Change the program length to 1 term (15 weeks) or less or more than 1 term but less than 1 year to see short-term options.

  • Certifications are credentials that demonstrate to an employer that you have mastered a specific skill, technology, or knowledge area. They are another short-term training option. Learn more about the types of green certifications available.

  • Many green jobs are found in the energy industry. Find short-term and low-cost energy training that have been made available with federal stimulus funds. Although not all energy training is green, the majority of funded programs are in green areas.