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Supply Chain Managers

Education & Credentials

Education level requirements

A Bachelor's degree is common.

Most supply chain managers earn at least a bachelor's degree, often in business, supply chain management, or another related field, in order to prepare for their careers. Relevant programs are offered at many four-year colleges and universities. Some employers may prefer or require a post-graduate degree.

Relevant degrees and knowledge areas

To work as a supply chain manager, you must:

  • have a bachelor's degree
  • have related work experience
  • have strong business knowledge
  • have good communication skills

Related programs (current training programs available)


Certifications are examinations that test or enhance your knowledge, experience, or skills in an occupation or profession.

While there are no standard certification requirements for supply chain managers, some employers may prefer candidates with expertise in specific business management strategies, such as Six Sigma.

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No State of Minnesota license requirements are found for this career.