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Career Paths

A career path is a group of related career specialties within a common career or industry cluster.

A career is a series of steps a person takes in the world of work. These steps are jobs, education, and sometimes volunteer experiences. Often these steps build upon each other. Once you've had an entry-level job for some time, you may have the knowledge needed to advance to a position with more responsibility. A "career path" is a collection of those steps. It shows many of the possibilities for jobs at the beginning, middle, and end of a particular career.

Workers often take different paths through related careers. Most careers don't have just one strict way to move from position to position. Instead, there are usually several options depending on your skills and interests. The order of your path is often called a "career ladder." A career ladder is just one potential path a worker could take within the wider variety of choices.

What Career Paths Are Found in Energy?

There are many paths to advance within energy. With increasing experience and more education, additional opportunities open up. For example, if you work in an energy operations plant, your career ladder may look something like this:

  • Entry-level: control room helper
  • Mid-level: control room operator
  • Senior-level: plant operations supervisor / manager

Several energy-specific career paths are available to explore. View Energy Career Paths to learn more.