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Field of Study: Architecture


Architecture programs prepare people to design various types of structures including houses, commercial buildings, and schools.



Architecture programs include topics such as:

  • Architectural theory
  • Architectural history
  • Design
  • Site planning
  • Construction and building codes

Students also learn professional responsibilities and standards for architects. They study related social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues.

Internships allow students to develop skills at companies or organizations. An internship in architecture helps students develop a portfolio.

Many colleges and universities offer a bachelor's degree in architecture. A bachelor's degree in architecture usually takes five years to complete.

Most architecture schools offer graduate degrees. For students with a bachelor's degree in architecture, the master's degree takes two additional years of study. For students with a bachelor's degree in another area, it takes longer.

Although graduate work is not required for the practice of architecture, it may lead to expert knowledge in certain specialties or to work in teaching and research.