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Entering Energy

There are opportunities in energy at all education levels.

Many energy careers do not require formal education beyond high school. Some employers provide on-the-job training to their employees for entry-level jobs. Apprenticeship programs are also a common way to enter a number of trades within the energy industry.

Many energy workers decide to go back to school to earn their associate degree once they get some experience. Most energy companies will pay for employees' higher education.

If you're coming from another field, you may find that the knowledge and skills you gained there apply to the energy field as well. Energy careers use a variety of skills from engineering and technical skills to soft skills such as communication, sales, and customer service.

Do energy industry jobs have long-term advancement opportunities?

There are a wide variety of jobs in an energy company. There are stories of skilled craft employees who have moved up the ranks into senior management and have even become CEOs. But this is not for everyone. Many energy employees love their careers as "first responders" and want to spend their time helping their coworkers and the public.

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