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Civil Engineering M C E

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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Phone: (612) 625-5000

Program: Civil Engineering M C E
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Civil engineering emphases are available in environmental engineering (e.g., pollutant fate and transport, process modeling, soil and groundwater remediation, water and wastewater treatment), geomechanics (e.g., fracture and localization, groundwater flow, stability and liquefaction, wave and shock propagation), structural engineering (e.g., computational and structural mechanics, earthquake engineering, infrastructure performance and durability, new systems and materials), transportation engineering (e.g., intelligent transportation systems, pavement design and materials, transportation economics, traffic safety), and water resources engineering (e.g., earthscape processes, environmental and biological systems, hydrologic and climate dynamics, hydrodynamics, and turbulence). --The master of civil engineering (M.C.E.) degree is designed for the practicing engineer who would like to obtain an advanced degree on a part-time or full-time basis. Students who intend to proceed to the Ph.D. program or who think they may later wish to be admitted to the Ph.D. program should apply for the master of science program. Students are expected to follow a coherent program of coursework in one of the following subareas of civil engineering: environmental, geomechanics, structural, transportation, or water resources engineering. The program is selected with the help of a faculty adviser and approved by the director of graduate studies. In addition to completing graduate-level courses, students must demonstrate professional competence either by carrying out and defending a design project or by taking a coursework-related final oral exam (without a project).--The degree typically takes 2-3 semesters (12-18 months) to complete on a full-time basis or 6-8 semesters on a part-time basis.
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Master's - Masters
Length of Program/Award:
At least 4 or more years
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Not available.
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1408 - Civil Engineering, General

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