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Architecture B S

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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Phone: (612) 625-5000

Program: Architecture B S
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The bachelor of science degree with a major in architecture provides instruction in history, representation, design, theory, and technology, emphasizing the development of architecture as a language of form, space, and order. The program requires an understanding of social, cultural, and physical contexts as a foundation for the examination of the methods, values, precedents, and material reality characteristic of the process of shaping natural and built environments. The major combines core prerequisites with a focused introduction to the discipline of architecture, including required courses in representation, history, theory, technology, and design processes.
Program Code:
Total Credits:
BS - Bachelor of Science
Length of Program/Award:
At least 4 or more years
Not available.
Not available.
Workforce Investment Act Participant Qualifies for WIA Credentialed Training:
Majors (Fields of Study):

0402 - Architecture (BArch, BA/BS, MArch, MA/MS, PhD)

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Delivery Comments:
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Average Cost of Attendance:
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Program Costs:
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Program Requirements:
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