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Architecture B S

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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Phone: (612) 625-5000

Program: Architecture B S
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The School of Architecture at the University exposes students to the formal, socio-cultural, material, environmental, and historical factors that shape built environments. Students develop visual literacy by thinking and working through the design process in design studios and workshops, by researching historical precedents, and by analyzing theoretical texts about the physical environment. Our undergraduate programs foster a sense of stewardship for the local and global built environments by providing opportunities for students to engage with College of Design faculty and research centers, to enroll in service learning courses, and to study abroad.--The Bachelor of Science (with a major in architecture) is a pre-professional architecture degree program that offers studio-based design education and a rigorous program of history/theory and building technology courses. Students are eligible to apply to this degree program from within the College of Design after completing all required first-year courses. Admissions are highly competitive, with a portfolio requirement as part of the application process. Students in this revised B.S. Degree Program (major in architecture) will take five required 6-credit design studios, a sequence of history/theory and building technology courses, and 9 credits of upper-level architecture electives. Graduates of this B.S. Degree Program (major in Architecture) will be well prepared to apply to the second year of the School of Architecture's graduate program, as well as other graduate degree programs at peer institutions, per their admissions requirements.
Program Code:
Total Credits:
BS - Bachelor of Science
Length of Program/Award:
At least 4 or more years
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Not available.
Workforce Investment Act Participant Qualifies for WIA Credentialed Training:
Majors (Fields of Study):

0402 - Architecture (BArch, BA/BS, MArch, MA/MS, PhD)

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