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iSeek Solutions Professional Community

IPC is a forum for career practitioners to share information and network with other professionals who help Minnesota's students and job seekers.

The iSeek Solutions Professional Community (IPC) is a group for career professionals across Minnesota to discuss topics relevant to postsecondary exploration, career development, and employment decisions. The IPC convenes virtually via the LinkedIn discussion group, and occasionally in webinars and in-person meetings.

IPC is sponsored by iSeek Solutions, a partnership of education providers and government agencies who work to provide Minnesotans with excellent information about careers, education, and jobs.


IPC is open to those who work with Minnesota's adults and/or youth in the areas of career exploration, job placement, postsecondary options, labor market information, and career planning.

  • Career counselors, coaches, and advisers
  • Career services representatives
  • Employment specialists
  • Graduate students
  • Human resources professionals
  • School counselors
  • Social service professionals
  • Student services representatives
  • Transition specialists
  • Workforce professionals

Professionals interested in the IPC can participate by joining the LinkedIn group to start or contribute to discussions. Members can also share resources online.

Recordings of past webinar discussions are posted on ISEEK's webinar page.