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Field of Study: Portuguese Language and Literature


Programs in Portuguese language and literature teach people the spoken and written traditions of Portugal and Brazil.



Portuguese language and literature programs include topics such as:

  • Reading, writing, and speaking Portuguese
  • Portuguese culture and society
  • History
  • Literature and poetry
  • Folklore and film
  • Translation techniques
  • Dialects
  • Linguistics

Students study other Portuguese-speaking countries, including Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and East Timor.

In Portuguese language and literature programs, students may be able to specialize in:

  • Conversation
  • Interpreting
  • Literature
  • Teaching

A few colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in Portuguese language and literature. A bachelor's degree usually takes about four years of full-time study.

A few universities offer graduate degrees in Portuguese language and literature. A master's degree typically requires two years of study beyond a bachelor's degree. Doctoral (PhD) degree programs usually require two or more years of study beyond the master's degree.