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Field of Study: French Language and Literature


Programs in French language and literature teach people the spoken and written traditions of France.



French language and literature programs include topics such as:

  • Reading, writing, and speaking French
  • French culture and society
  • Art
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Literature and poetry
  • Folklore and film
  • Translation techniques
  • Dialects
  • Linguistics

French is spoken widely across the globe from Vietnam and Canada, to African and Caribbean countries such as Congo and Haiti, and other European countries, including Belgium and Switzerland.

In French language and literature programs, students may be able to specialize in:

  • Conversation
  • Interpreting
  • Literature
  • Teaching

Community colleges offer associate degree programs. An associate degree usually takes two years to complete. After earning an associate degree students can transfer to a college or university for further study.

Most colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in French language and literature. A bachelor's degree usually takes about four years of full-time study.

Many universities offer graduate degrees in French language and literature. A master's degree typically requires two years of study beyond a bachelor's degree. Doctoral (PhD) degree programs usually require two or more years of study beyond the master's degree.