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Field of Study: Fashion Design


Fashion design programs prepare people to design clothing for commercial sale.



In fashion design programs, students learn to:

  • Create designs manually and using computers
  • Use artistic abilities to design apparel and accessories including hats and shoes
  • Produce their own designs
  • Sew their own designs

Students also study:

  • Management in the fashion industry
  • Different types of fabrics and fibers
  • History of fashion
  • Ways culture has influenced fashion trends
  • Labor and cost analysis

Several independent fashion design schools and community colleges offer certificate and associate degree programs in fashion design. A certificate program usually takes a year of full-time study. An associate degree program usually takes two years to complete.

Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs. A bachelor's degree usually takes about four years of full-time study.

A few universities offer graduate degrees in fashion design. A master's degree typically requires two years of study beyond a bachelor's degree. Doctoral (PhD) degree programs usually require two or more years of study beyond the master's degree.