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Careers in Finance

34 careers found

Analyze statistical data to predict the possibility of risk.
Auto Damage Insurance Appraisers
Examine vehicle damage to determine how much it will cost for repairs.
Bill and Account Collectors
Work to get payments from people who have overdue bills.
Billing and Posting Clerks
Compile and record information for billing purposes.
Brokerage Clerks
Perform clerical duties related to the buying and selling of stocks or other financial commodities.
Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Review insurance claims to make sure payments are made properly.
Credit Analysts
Determine how risky it is to lend money to individuals or businesses.
Credit Authorizers and Checkers
Look up customers' credit history or review personal or financial information.
Credit Counselors
Advise people and organizations about money.
Study monetary, fiscal, and other economic issues and problems.
Energy Brokers
Help clients buy electricity or natural gas from energy suppliers.
Financial Analysts
Analyze information that affects businesses' investments.
Financial Examiners
Make sure that financial institutions are operating within certain rules or regulations.
Financial Managers
Plan and direct the financial activities of an organization.
Financial Quantitative Analysts
Analyze financial data using mathematical models.
Fraud Examiners and Investigators
Work to reduce fraud.
Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks
Process new insurance policies or change existing policies.
Insurance Sales Agents
Sell life, property, health, or other types of insurance.
Insurance Underwriters
Decide whether or not to accept an application for insurance.
Investment Fund Managers
Manage investment funds for clients.
Investment Underwriters
Manage communications between companies who issue securities and their clients.
Loan Interviewers and Clerks
Interview loan applicants to collect information during a loan application process.
Loan Officers
Make decisions about who gets approved for loans.
Market Research Analysts
Gather information to determine how much demand there is for a product or service in an area.
New Accounts Clerks
Interview people who are opening accounts at banks or other financial institutions.
Personal Financial Advisors
Advise clients on how to use or save their money.
Risk Management Specialists
Identify risks to an organization.
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
Buy and sell securities or commodities in investment and trading firms.
Statistical Assistants
Prepare statistical data for reports.
Create usable information out of numbers and data.
Survey Researchers
Develop or conduct telephone, mail, or internet surveys.
Tax Examiners and Collectors
Collect taxes from people or companies according to laws or regulations.
Work in banks and help customers with basic financial transactions.
Title Examiners and Searchers
Find and summarize legal information from various documents.