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Set Goals

Most people spend more time at work than anyplace else in their lives. A satisfying and enjoyable work life takes time, effort, and planning.

How can you get started? Have a bit of fun and write down your dream job and lifestyle for five years from today. Then see if you can map out a way to turn it from dream to reality. Career goals, a reality check, and a plan for a lifelong journey will help.


A step-by-step plan for successful transition to postsecondary education and employment for middle and high school students.

Career Planning for College Students

Want to get a good job after college? Use these tips to jump-start your career while you are in school.

Set Career Goals

Defining your career goals will help you make the steps needed for a satisfying work life.

Your Lifelong Journey

What happens if you change your mind or you are ready for your next dream job? All of your past jobs can be a path toward higher positions or springboard to a new field. Find ways to manage your career throughout your work life.

Reality Check

What is your dream of a good life? Find out how much money you might need to actually live that ideal life. Then figure out what job you'd need to make it happen.